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Need A Personal Trainer? READ THIS FIRST…

Need a personal trainer? Read this first.

Finding the right personal trainer is very important for you and the trainer.  Not everyone will match perfectly with one another, but there are a few things to pay attention to when looking for your personal trainer.  Set yourself up for success by following these next steps below before and during your commitment to training.

First, you must commit to be willing to spend money because training isn’t cheap.  But we all know the reason you want a trainer is to change your body into a better version of yourself.  You want help, and trainers want to help you. Think of training like an education.  Walk into your first session willing and eager to learn and absorb everything your trainer has to offer.  Investing in training means investing in yourself so spend your money wisely by learning as much as you can.  Great trainers don’t want you to be their clients forever, they want you to end up being able to do everything on your own.

Second, don’t be the client who tells their trainer they are being good and following their guidelines when you whole heartedly know you aren’t.  It only hurts you, and trainers all know you aren’t because we can tell by your stamina and body composition.  Don’t train if you don’t want results. Results is a subjective word to describe your workouts too. Some results are strength, some are weight loss, some are muscle growth, etc. so help your trainer out by not comparing your results based completely on the weight scale.  It will miss guide you.

Third, making excuses of why you can’t train and need to reschedule is a common occurrence for trainers, and honestly, it will destroy your momentum.   Furthermore, you will lose your trainers desire to want to train you.  Yes, it’s a business and money is there to be made, but the best clients are the ones who have heart and consistently show up to their sessions regardless of what happens in life.  Everyone has stress, sleepless nights, breakups, etc.   So don’t be flakey.  Flakes do not get results.

Fourth, once start your program use your support system by posting your workouts on social media.  All trainers love this not because it gives us exposure, but gives clients more support on their fitness journey. I have witnessed numerous clients who didn’t believe this would happen to them until their posts had more likes and comments than the posts that were not fitness related.  The journey is special and supposed to be enjoyable so let everyone a chance to be involved.

Finally, pick a trainer who follows what they preach.  You could have the smartest trainer who is also the most overweight trainer, and what does that say about them?  If they can’t follow what they preach, how can you take them seriously.  Find a trainer who wants you to succeed more than anything the healthy way. You can see their passion in their livelihood.  Yes, trainers eat junk food and drink beer because it’s about moderation and enjoying some junk here and there.  Good trainers are not about fad diets and unhealthy quick results, we want your body to change through a process of eating healthy, working out, and taking the right supplements.

With that being said, make sure you give your trainer all you have, and you won’t be disappointed.  For any reason your trainer is not giving you what you need, it might be time to look for a new one.  Once you find the right fit your fitness journey will seem a lot easier.