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Do You Know How To Eat Out?


Eating out and drinking is one of our favorite social events.  Getting together with friends, colleagues, and family always seems to be at restaurants or bars where food and booze is always present.  Yet the food we have as options aren’t always the best choices.   Being on a special eating program or diet doesn’t mean you have to stay at home.  When training hard and eating right, you need to get out of the gym and out of the house to help maintain a healthy balance between your mental and physical state.  Basically, you don’t want to be training too much and stop being sociable.  So how can you eat out and maintain your eating healthy?  We have come up with 5 easy solutions that will help you eat healthy when you’re not at home because we all know the body is made in the kitchen.

First solution:

Beat your friends, family, or colleagues to the decision of where you are going to meet.  You have to step up and be a leader when it comes to choosing the right restaurant that will fit your needs versus the needs of everyone in your party.  Two benefits to doing this: you look like a planner and everyone loves a planner, and you get to eat healthy.  How do you choose the right restaurant?  You need to research a few restaurants and look up and down the menu to find the best options.  This may take some time, but it is well worth it if it keeps you on top of your goals and objectives.

Second solution:

On the other hand, you are beat out and someone else plans the restaurant you’re eating at.  Don’t panic, it will be ok.  Go find the menu either on the restaurant’s website or yelp and figure out what’s healthy.  Again, look up and down the menu for what’s your best option.  When looking at the menu, look at the salads (stay away from most dressings due to being too high in calories), breakfast options like omelets, and the al la carte options (sometimes random healthy items are placed there).  Side note, it is alright to bring your own dressing.  We do it all the time when we go out.

Third solution:

Let’s say you can’t find anything healthy on the menu.  This is your best option so it is time to go this route.  Most restaurants don’t have just chicken (or any meat source) and veggies on the menu as something you can order, but every restaurant I have been to who serves meat will let you order these two items.  Ask some questions about how it is cooked.  For example, is it cooked in oil?,  What kind of oil?  Is it fried, etc.?  One thing I like to do is tell the server that you are sorry for being a pain, but you need to follow strict guidelines.  Surprisingly, servers are really responsive to this approach.  It’s a respect thing for them.

Fourth solution:

What to do when you already order your food, and then, everyone is ordering drinks.  How do you not look like the boring person who won’t have a drink?  Time to make your way to the bar and order your drink from the bartender.  A water with a lime/lemon or club soda with the same.  Club soda looks a lot like you’re drinking a vodka soda.   Simple solutions are the best, and it saves a lot of peer pressure from the people throwing back drinks left and right.  Remember, they feel awkward for you eating healthy and not drinking so don’t ever feel awkward for eating healthy and taking care of your body.

Fifth solution:

On the contrary, if you want a drink and have room in macros for the day, we would suggest that you stick to light beers like Bud Light or Coors Light which have about 100 calories per 12oz beer.  If beer isn’t for your liking, I would go with tequila or vodka with lime and lemon juice that will be shaken and served on ice (about 100 calories per shot of alcohol).

Just remember that being healthy is just as much physical as it is mental.  You have to be happy while training and eating right  if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes you can let up on the strictness of your diet, but when you’re trying to be on point, please go out and enjoy yourself by using our tips to eat better on the go.