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First and foremost, fitness, exercise, and health are things that Anna and Justin take very seriously on a daily basis.  It was their passion for fitness and health that created this partnership because they realized there are three components to health: fitness, eating right, and supplementation.  We love working out, eating junk food, and being active whenever we can.  For Justin, he loves basketball, cycling (century rides), lifting weights, snowboarding, and pretty much anything active (besides running long distance), cupcakes, and any desserts.  For Anna, she is always training for American Ninja Warrior (look for her on season 10), lifting weights, and her new found love for snowboarding.  When she's not training hard, she loves some red velvet cake, ice cream, and a pizza.  One thing both of us try to do is keep that balance between hard work and fun.

Let's talk a little more about Anna.  She was a star athlete for the UC Davis Gymnastics team where she earned her Bachelor of Science in  Exercise Biology.  After graduating from UC Davis, she needed something to keep that competitive spirit alive, and that's when she ventured into American Ninja Warrior.  Since then, she has thrived because she dedicates hours to her craft by eating correctly, training, and using the right supplementation.  Training for a specific event is very taxing on the body so she spends hours behind the scenes doing what is right for her body.  Her passion for fitness has transferred over into the supplement industry due to seeing the benefits of supplementation within her own training.

Co-owner Justin is a Sacramento native and graduate of CSUS, and has been in the supplement field for the last 15 years.  His passion for supplements started in high school where he researched the effects of creatine and DHEA on the human body.  What started as a high school exit project has turned into a life long passion for supplementation.  Heavily training for numerous types of sports from basketball, weight lifting, spartan races, duathlons, and century rides, supplements have always been the one common factor between them all.

When they are not training themselves, both of them run their own fitness businesses because they love training people to reach their highest potential and goals.  Being a personal trainer has given each of them a platform to learn about what everyone generally needs when it comes to supplementation.  Each client is very different in regards to weight, size, and strength, yet they all have one thing in common.  They can all use OnPoint Nutrition supplements.