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5 Body Weight Exercises Never To Skip

There are certain exercises that just shouldn’t be skipped throughout your entire week of working out.  It doesn’t matter what your goal or objective is in life or in the gym, you need to focus on these 5 exercises.  Lets be real, who doesn’t like to throw around (lift heavy) some weights at the gym?  I know I do, but it is not always about how much I can lift or throw around in the gym.  Sometimes it is about keeping the body strong and able so you can have more endurance, better stabilization, and more muscular strength.  It is because of these exercises that I am able to lift heavy weights at the gym, accomplish spartan races, etc.  I utilize these five exercises on a weekly basis due to the importance of each one.  Want better results on your journey?  Then, it is time to add these into your fitness regimen.

Push ups:  full upper body exercise that hits the abdominals, chest, triceps, and shoulders.  There are variations to a push up that targets and puts more emphasizes on certain muscles more than others.  Want to get better upper body results, then add this into your upper body workouts.  Superset these with back day and arm day and watch your upper body become more defined.

Focused young beautiful woman doing push-ups outdoors on a hot summer day

Pull Ups:  helps increase your strength in your back, arms, grip, and shoulders.  Want that “V” shaped back?  Then, add pull ups to your back day and arm day.  Start with 3 sets of 7 and 7 sets of 3.  If needed, use the assisted pull up machine.  Remember swinging is not used in a normal pull up.

Muscular man doing pull-ups on horizontal bar

Plank Position:  Best abdominal exercise for core strength.  Want more stabilization while doing legs, back, arms, etc. then it is time to add this exercise.  Most people drop the lower back too much while performing this exercise so make sure to keep that core tight and back straight.  Also, make sure the elbows are right under the shoulders, which will take pressure off of the shoulders and put it on the core.

obese women planking on grass

Squats:  Should be done as warm up every leg day.  Body weight squats won’t build that amazing butt that you see all over Instagram and Facebook, but it will help out your form and make that body stronger when you move to weights or machines.  Focusing on pushing through your heels, keeping your core tight, and your body moving at the same pace throughout the entire movement is key for a better looking and feeling squat.

Side Plank:  just like plank position, side plank helps core strength, and helps keep the body symmetrical on the left and right side.  It will also help keep those love handles tighter.  Just like plank position, keep the elbow right under the shoulder so you put more muscle activation on the core and obliques.